Classroom Drone Essentials

Your drone and geospatial journey starts here!

Classroom Drone Essentials is our foundation program, which teaches students about drone applications in the real world, drone safety, and how to fly and code drones.

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What will you learn with Classroom Drone Essentials?

Your students will become geospatial scientists with this curriculum-mapped activity.

They’ll get exposed to role models, challenge unconscious bias, explore applications of drone technology, and understand safety and drone regulations. They will also earn how to fly and code a microdrone.

Module 1 - Drone Career Pathways

In this module, we cover how and where drones are used in industry, meet industry role models, and look at the importance of working towards gender parity and diversity within STEM.

Module 2 - Drone Safety

In this module, we discuss the different roles and responsibilities of drone pilots, look at some drone rules, and conduct pre-flight safety checks.

Module 3 - Manual Flight

In this module, we practice manual flight, and battery management. The students learn how fly their drone, and demonstrate competence as a drone pilot to control a microdrone.

Module 4 - Coded Flight Mission

In this module, the students are given a scenario where they’ve been tasked with being geospatial scientists for a day to collect data for the local emergency services. Using block coding, the students plan and carry out their mission! And more.