RoboMaster TT Starter Combo

Perfect for STEM Classes
Bring drone technology to the classroom with RoboMaster TT and essential accessories to aid learning with this D1 exclusive bundle.

1 x RoboMaster TT
1 x SunnyLife Carrying Case
1 x Tello 4 In 1 Battery Charger
1 x GameSir T1d Controller
3 x Tello Battery

AUD $560

*Price not including delivery fee.


The RoboMaster TT Starter Bundle is equipped to bring you the ultimate STEM drone experience and includes a RoboMaster TT drone, GameSir Controller, 4 in 1 battery charger, 3 extra batteries and a handy carrying case to store your drone. Explore an all-new interactive learning experience with the RoboMaster TT Starter Bundle.

What's in the Starter Bundle?
RoboMaster TT

Packed with all-new STEM education features, the RoboMaster TT is the gold standard in educational drones and features RoboMaster SDK for AI applications and easy third-party software integration, perfect for teaching students the basics of programming.

Includes: x1 DJI RoboMaster TT drone, x1 Battery, x1 Dot-Matrix Display and Distance Sensing Module, x1 Open-Source Controller, x4 Mission Pad

GameSir T1d Controller

Attach your smartphone and use the ergonomic GameSir T1d Controller to gain precise control when operating the RoboMaster TT. With added button flexibility and game integration, the GameSir T1d also grants you a greater camera view on your connected smartphone, eliminating the need to display controls on the phone screen.

SunnyLife Carrying Case

The SunnyLife Carrying Case provides a convenient way to securely store your RoboMaster TT and accessories when not in use. Plus, with a full-length arm-strap, the carrying case can be used to transport the RoboMaster TT for learning adventures outside of the classroom.

4 in 1 Battery Charging Hub

Conveniently charge the 4 batteries included in this bundle with the 4 in 1 Tello Battery Charger, designed to house and charge up to 4 Tello batteries. With this 4 in 1 battery charger, you’ll never have to worry about dead batteries come lesson time.

Tello Battery

An essential for maintaining prolonged flight and programming, each spare Tello battery provides up to 13 minutes of additional flight time for the RoboMaster TT to help students maximise their learning experience.