GameSir T1d Controller

Upgraded Tello Controls

Key Features:
• Tactile Controls
• Compatible with Most Smartphones

AUD $49

*Price not including delivery fee.

GameSir T1d Controller

Get tactile feedback when you fly your Tello drone with this GameSir T1d controller. This controller is capable of changing your mobile phone into a UAV controller, enjoy the the two high precision joysticks that allow it to orient to any place without dead angle and allows more difficult operations. The controller handle is connected at high speed through GCM connection mode.

The controller has a light luxurious leather style touch feeling with high precision joysticks. The controller has the GCM high speed connection to ensure low latency operation.
Fold out phone holder to place your phone onto the top. Suits large phones such as the Samsung Note 10 + and the Iphone 11 Pro Max.

Bluetooth 4.0
Battery capacity is 600MA.
Working Distance is up to 7m.